You’re Gonna Like This Part.

We believe in the power of openness, collaboration, and the sharing of ideas – which is why we developed this application that we believe can help franchise organizations better manage their business. We encourage you to learn more about it and let us know how you might like to see it improved.

Franchise Flywheel for is available in the following ways:

1) For FREE.  As a base set of customizations to your Salesforce org that are relevant to a) Awarding Franchises, b) Pre-Opening Process, c) Franchise Operations, and d) Franchise Administration, the application can be installed directly from the AppExchange at no cost.

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2) For franchisors just getting started with – or wanting to maximize their adoption of –, you can leverage The Flywheel Group’s knowledge of both franchising process and the Salesforce platform as part of a customized consulting engagement. We’ll utilize the Franchise Flywheel app to assist you in configuring your Salesforce instance in a way that will give you an integrated approach to managing your entire franchise organization.

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